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Electric Nail Clipper for Baby & Kids

Brand: MyLO - My Little One

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The Safest Electric Nail Clipper for baby & kids

Children sure love to squirm, don’t they?

Trimming your baby’s nails can be a bit scary, especially when they can’t stay still. It is important to keep your kids nails short to prevent them from scratching and cutting their delicate skin or when they are playing with other children.

And the smallest, ficklest thing can tip them off… then they’re crying their eyes out for hours.

That’s why it’s so important to make those little tasks – like trimming their nails – as quick and painless as possible.
With MyLO, cutting your little one’s nails is finally easy.

The MyLO is cute, compact, hygienic, and just about impossible to hurt anyone with. Put your finger right on the trimmer and you won’t feel a thing.

Parenting is one of the most difficult tasks out there. Why not start making it easier with a children’s nail clipper that does the work for you. The Mylo is a compact, hygienic, and safe way to trim your children’s nails.

Check out how MyLO Electric Nail Clipper works in the video below!

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5.3cm x 10cm x 4.6cm @ 111g / pc

Dimension of MyLO Kid's Electrical Nail Clipper

More Details

  • As your children gets older this device is perfect for letting children learn about more responsibility. You can give them the opportunity to cut their nails on their own with our child-proof product. 
  • Equipped with a patented blade for finger safety you can rest assured your children will be safe when using the Mylo. 
    MyLO Patented Blade
  • The Mylo Electric Nail Clipper is perfect for cutting small children and babies nails in a safe and secure manner. Instead of the regular cutter, this nail clipper was specifically designed for parents when dealing with their young children.
    MyLO 2 modes for different cut strength
  • The Mylo Electric Nail Clipper is completely child-proof and safe for children, it uses built-in UV sterilization technology when charging the device to sterilize and make it perfectly clean when you plan to use it.
  • Once you're done trimming the nails don’t fret! Clean up is easy and hassle-free! The nail scraps get collected during the trimming process so there’s no mess left behind all you need to do is remove it from the compartment on the Mylo.
  • Even if you have a particularly squeamish child don’t worry about it, the Mylo has a night light which allows you to cut your children’s nails during the night time and still have full visibility to cut them without doing any harm. 
    MyLO comes with build in light for use in dark room
  • Small & lightweight to bring anywhere you go
    Lightweight & small suitable for travelling everywhere you go
  • Low vibration motor creates lesser noise when using
    Low noise level
  • Long battery life
    Long battery life
  • Made of food grade ABS material and include a dust cover at USB charging point
    Quality food grade ABS material


Each set includes:

  • 1 x MyLO Electric Nail Clipper
  • 1 x MyLO Electric Nail Clipper Head Unit
  • 1 x Travel Bag
  • 1 x Brush
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x USB charging cable